The duo LISAS is a rising star with their touching sound. In February 2017, they release their album Fiddle and Accordion Conversations at the prestigious festival Folk Alliance International in Kansas City (SWS Records/Playground). At home in Swedish folk music, they are equally at ease experimenting with new forms and nd inspiration genres such as Baroque, Swedish and Celtic folk music, jazz and tango.

LISAS has represented Sweden in the EBU (European Radio Union’s)
folk music festival in Croatia, performed at the International Festival Carrefour Mondial de l’Accordeon in Quebec, at Glogerfestspillene in Kongsberg, MAfestival in Bruges, at Musikfestspiele in Potsdam and given many concerts around Sweden. They have collaborated with Gjermund Larsen, violinist, string trio Zilliacus/Persson/Raitinen and Danish Radio Chamber Choir.

LISA RYDBERG is a Baroque violinist and Riksspelman (National Folk Musician of Sweden). She obtained her diploma in Baroque violin and is now a freelance musician with a wide range. She has released ve albums on her own, including Bach in Swedish with organist Gunnar Idenstam.

LISA LÅNGBACKA’s exploration of the free bass accordion is unique. She enjoys nding new ways of arranging traditional music, bringing her harmonic ideas and in uences together in her compositions. She was the bandleader in Edouard Lock’s performance 11th Floor with the Cullberg Ballet and has played Cabaret at The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen. In January, Lisa was elected “Årets Dragspelare” by SDR (Swedish Accordion Association).