Sally Wiola Records proudly presents:
Sally Wiola Sessions. Three albums under the same roof. A coherent trilogy with acoustic instrumental music I would call Slow Music. Handcrafted and organic Music.

It is locally produced, recorded in my own studio where I have invited musicians endowed with qualities such as timelessness, musical amiability and power to inspire beyond limits of style. Musicians with a strong personal expression, innovative in themselves. In all times, important bearers of traditions have created something new. As a trilogy, Sally Wiola Sessions bear a longing for a standstill. In actual time where speed is prevailing I wanted something else and therefore I invited artists from different fields for creative cooperation.

Together we have endeavoured to work overlap, i.e. one outcome would launch a further incitement, the image would inspire the music and vice versa, images and music would be linked together. An intuitive and organic working process. The music is recorded in live sessions without coverage.


Stockholm, January 12th, 2017

Sofia Karlsson, singer, musician, songwriter, record company director and producer